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Quinton helped me transform my mind, body, and soul! In January 2018, at 36 years old, having never lifted weights or seriously trained for an athletic competition, I set out with an ambitious goal to train for the Olympic Marathon Trials. With 24 months to drop over 40 minutes in my marathon time, I teamed up with Quinton. He helped me start with simple things outside of physical fitness. We focused on sleep, rehabilitation, and nutrition. He was so flexible when it came to my crazy work and travel schedule and made sure I had what I needed no matter where in the world I was on any given day. He supported me when I needed reassurance to slow down and listened to my feedback, always making adjustments along the way. In 17 months, I qualified for the Olympic Trials. There is no way I could have done this without Quinton.

Erica M, USATF Member and 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials Athlete

As an admittedly over stressed person, Quinton showed me the importance of prioritizing my health and the positive outcomes it can bring. I've learned how to bring my best self on a daily basis by utilizing the various lifestyle techniques that Quinton introduced me to. If you're the type of person that needs to learn how to structure healthy practices into your daily life- Quinton is your guy!

Casey T

Working with Q has been awesome so far. After just 2 months of marathon training I feel great. The strength workouts are logical and reasonable and have contributed to my ability to run further and faster than I ever have before. Thank you Q!

Johnny Earls PT, DPT

I messaged Quinn several weeks ago regarding the crippling shin splint pain I was having post run. He ended up setting a time to hop on the phone and discuss my current workout routine to try and pinpoint what may be causing the pain. After discussing a game plan and setting goals,  the following week he had set up a program for me with True Coach. He provided clearly explained workouts as well as progressions for each week. He was also very adamant about checking in with me to see how my pain was holding up and to make sure I was adhering to the program. In four weeks he taught me some exercises to help minimize my shin splint pain and even got me up to running my first ever 5k on a treadmill. If you have any pain in regards to running or want to learn more about Gait analysis, OCR prep and overall general running practice, Quinn is your guy.

Brock M

After working with my chiropractor and making progress with a few bulging discs in my L4 and L5 spine, he recommended I go see Quinton. I'm so happy he did! Quinton took the time to show me exactly what was going on with my anatomy and gave me specific homework to help mitigate my daily discomfort. I finally feel like I have control of my body and I'm so thankful I got to work with him! Thanks Quinton!

Brooke L

Quinn developed and assisted me with preparing for my first half marathon. He was great! We discussed my goals and he developed a plan for me to follow. He clearly outlined what I needed to accomplish each week and followed up frequently to see how I was doing with the plan. Whenever I had questions or issues he was always there for help and feedback. I am glad I had Quinn’s support while I trained for my first half marathon and I truly couldn’t have done it without him!

Jeni M

Quinton is an awesome coach/trainer! I worked with him for a half marathon that I was going to be completing with my husband. Quinton worked hard to create two plans for me and my husband as we had very different needs but made sure we could do certain workouts together. He catered well to our different fitness levels and goals and my husband continues to work with him for other events.

Mattie T

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